The American Association of Zoo Keepers San Diego Chapter is proud to be partnering with the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance to bring awareness to illegal wildlife trafficking.



The Alliance is a voluntary coalition of non-profit organizations, companies, foundations and media interests that work collaboratively with the U.S. government to reduce commercial trade in illegal wildlife and wildlife products in the U.S.

As an Associate Member, AAZK San Diego has been recognized as a group whose activities are consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of the Alliance.

Our goals as USWTA members are:

(1) to use our communications channels to help spread unified messaging to combat wildlife trafficking developed through the Alliance;

(2) to support governance, strategic planning, shared work, and decision making; and

(3) to share experience, expertise, best practices, tools and resources to help the Alliance with its mission to reduce commercial trade in illegal wildlife and wildlife products in the U.S.

Why is the Alliance Focusing Primarily on Wildlife Trafficking in the U.S.?

The wildlife trafficking crisis is an international crisis. As the National Strategy confirmed, the U.S. must attack illegal trafficking on multiple fronts, including by working with range countries in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere that are being hard hit by illegal wildlife trafficking, and working with international partners to support demand reduction and corporate responsibility initiatives in Asian markets where burgeoning demand is playing a major role in fueling more killings.

While these efforts are vital and must continue, there is no question that how the U.S. deals with illegal wildlife trafficking activities here in the U.S. will have an enormous influence on our global success in dealing with the crisis.


Check out this great article regarding USWTA’s work and how you can become involved:


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We hope you join us at our various events throughout the year as we bring awareness to the serious issue of illegal wildlife trafficking.


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