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Yvette is the current Treasurer, Liaison & Web Keeper of the AAZK San Diego Chapter.

She is a senior hospital keeper at the San Diego Zoo, where she has worked since 1993. Yvette has been an active member of AAZK since 1993 and has been on the AAZK Board since 2002.

I am a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/Animal Behavior and a minor in Psychology. My time at the San Diego Zoo includes working as an Educator, Tour Guide, Mammal Keeper, and presently as senior Hospital Keeper, all positions which have given me the opportunity to work with a variety of incredible animals throughout the years.

I have been involved with AAZK since I began my zoo career in 1993, at first attending the meetings as an observer, then becoming more involved throughout the years. AAZK has always been an organization that I believe in and the people involved have always been passionate about their careers and the projects they support. The role of zoo keepers has changed throughout the years, placing us in the front line of conservation and as public educators. As an animal care professional, AAZK has provided me and others an opportunity to work together to accomplish these and other goals.

It is because of what AAZK is that I have been proud to represent the AAZK San Diego chapter and be on its board since 2002 in several roles. My involvement with the AAZK San Diego board includes:

Treasurer & Liaison, Web Keeper: 2015 – present

Liaison, Membership Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Web Keeper: Feb 2014 – 2015

President, Newsletter Editor, Web Keeper: 2008- Feb 2014

v  Chief executive officer of the Chapter

v  General supervision, direction, and control of the conduct and officers of the Chapter

v  Preside over all meetings of the membership and all meetings of the Chapter Executive

v  Ex officio member of all Chapter committees

v  Co-Chair of the 2011 National AAZK Conference hosted by AAZK SD

v  Maintain and update website as needed

Vice-President, Newsletter Editor: 2008-2005

v  In the absence of the President, perform duties of the President

v  Perform various duties as needed and dictated by the chapter

Newsletter Editor/Publisher: 2002-2015


I hope to continue on the AAZK San Diego Board working with the people who are a part of this amazing organization.

Contact Yvette at TheKeeperSDAAZK@cox.net