Prior to starting her career with animals, Anita completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Photography, working as a freelance photographer and teacher for several years.  She also worked in front office management with Hilton Hotels, while she built on her passion for animals, eventually leaving that career to follow her dream of working at the San Diego Zoo.

Currently, Anita is a keeper with the Children’s Zoo Department at the San Diego Zoo. She absolutely loves communicating with people about animals and conservation initiatives!  Before coming to SDZG, she worked for the historic Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas, where she was a Hospital Keeper and Veterinary Assistant.  She has a background in wildlife rehab, veterinary care, and animal training and holds an A.S. in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College.  While at America’s Teaching Zoo, she was one of the founding members of their AAZK chapter and is proud to be an active part of this organization.

If you have any questions about membership benefits, our organization, or how you can get involved, please contact Anita at