AAZK San Diego is proud to recognize the following young people who have taken it upon themselves
to become actively involved in projects regarding conservation and education.

They have realized the importance of becoming involved locally and globally in projects to help our planet and the many wonderful species on it.

Thank you to our wonderful AAZK San Diego Junior Ambassadors!

We invite you to become a AAZK San Diego Junior Ambassador and join us.
Tell us what project you are involved in and how it makes a difference!





Bartlett School
Lowell, Massachusetts

Thank you to The Bartlett School in Lowell, Massachusetts for helping in the 3rd annual Golf for Wildlife golf fundraiser.
As a class they came up with multiple questions regarding some of the most endangered reptiles in the world. Through Skype, the third graders learned what a Burmese star tortoise, poison dart frog, spider tortoise and giant horned lizard were and how they can help in the fight to end extinction!



Emma Szczesiul

Emma Szczesiul
Bake for Wildlife

Last year during the 2nd annual Golf for Wildlife golf tournament that was hosted by AAZK San Diego and the San Diego Zoo’s Reptile Department, Emma and members of her 4th grade class held a bake sale called ‘Bake for Wildlife’. The bake sale was held at the Bailey School in Lowell, Massachusetts. They raised $300 towards the event! In the picture, Emma is the first student in the green on the right. She is definitely on her way to becoming a zoo keeper and loves helping animals, promoting conservation, and is always reading and learning about animals in need!

Thanks for your help Emma!




Cecil Knutson CA Coastal Cleanup 2015


Cecilia Knutson
CA Coastal Clean-Up Day

Cecilia (aka Cecil) joined our group of volunteers for the California Coastal Clean-Up Day on September 19, 2015. The night before, Cecil stayed up to decorate a bucket to be used in the beach clean-up. Her bucket showed the many animals that she loves! At the beach clean up she kept her energy up and was a true inspiration for the day. Her smile never faltered and when we saw a pod of dolphins swim by, she pointed to them and reminded us that they were the reason why we were picking up trash!

Thank you Cecil!

Wendy's kids for rhinos

Kate Makridis, Reagan Ricker, and James Makridis
Rhino Conservation

Kate, Reagan, and James took it upon themselves to raise money for AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos project and rhino conservation. Click here to hear their story:  jr ambassadors for rhinos

Thank you Kate, Reagan, and James!

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