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2020 National Zoo Keeper Week presentations:

Topic: Jamaica’s Hope Zoo Update with General Curator, and past SDZG Reptile Keeper, Joey Brown
Time: Dec. 9. 2020 

 A past reptile keeper from the San Diego Zoo, Joey Brown is currently the general curator of Hope Zoo in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to caring for their exotic animal collection, Hope Zoo functions as both a local wildlife sanctuary and the home of the head-start program for the critically endangered Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei).

Considered one of the greatest conservation success stories, the Jamaican iguana was thought to be extinct until a small population was rediscovered in 1990. Since then, in an effort to avoid threats from invasive species, hatchling iguanas have been routinely collected from the wild and brought to Hope Zoo so they can be reared for several years until being reintroduced back to the wild.
As of October 2020, Hope Zoo has worked with local and international partners (including AZA zoos) to head-start and release a total of 489 Jamaican iguanas back to the wild.
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Topic: California Wolf Center: Cross-Fostering Mexican Gray Wolves
Time: Sep 15, 2020 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Monday, July 20: Working Dogs for Conservation with Kayla Fratt, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Working Dogs for Conservation shared information on training high-energy rescue dogs to aid in conservation. WD4C’s team of ball-crazy dogs use their noses to sniff out wildlife contraband, invasive species, and the scat of endangered species. The dogs and their handlers help researchers non-invasive gather data on health, movement, and diet of cryptic species ranging from snow leopards to bumblebees. They also assist in anti-poaching and anti-trafficking efforts and are integral to early detection in the spread of invasive species.
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Thursday, July 23: Diversity in Animal Care Virtual Round Table

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Friday, July 24: Global Conservation Force Anti-Poaching Program

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Previous presentations:

June 25, Thursday: Master Gardner and San Diego Zoo Horticulturist, Laureen Bellmer
Topic: Making your yard more wildlife friendly

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June 11, Thursday: AAZK San Diego presents: Sam Trull, Co-Founder & Director of The Sloth Institute
Topic: How the Sloth Institute is enhancing and expanding the welfare and conservation of sloths.

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May 21: AAZK San Diego Presents: Rosalie Goldsworthy, MNZM, Trust Manager of the Penguin Rescue Sanctuary in New Zealand Manager
Topic: Our mission is to give any penguin a chance to recover so that it can join the breeding population and reproduce and therefore help grow the penguin numbers. South Island, New Zealand has only about 900 endangered Yellow-eyed penguins in 2015 of which 20% live at Katiki Point and Okahau Point, a second colony we also monitor. Increasing survival of breeding adults through rehabilitation has a direct beneficial impact on the productivity of the colony which in turns increases recruitment of young penguins.

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May 8: Dr. Ron Swaisgood, Dir. of Applied & Animal Ecology, SDZG. Topic: Translocating wildlife to re-establish ecosystems in Southern California.

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