Kymberlee Janke is the current San Diego chapter BFR Liaison.

Kym is a senior mammal keeper at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (SP) and has been on the AAZK San Diego board since 2008.

I have been involved with the AAZK San Diego chapter since my move here in 2007 and have been a National member since 2004. I enjoy the challenge of educating others on the importance of the zoo keeper’s role in conservation and education projects and love that AAZK allows me to contribute in large way to these efforts. I believe that a zoo keeper’s job is not just an 8 hour day but is rather a never-ending passion to make a difference in animal care and conservation.

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2002 with a B.Sc. Agriculture, major animal science. I worked very closely with the animal welfare department and completed an honors thesis on enriched housing systems for laboratory rats. After graduation I went to Spokane Washington and worked at Cat Tales Zoological Center. This was a zookeeper training program and gave me 1 year hands on experience working with 52 felids and 2 bears. I graduated Suma Cum Laude from this program. After the year at Cat Tales I returned home to BC and was hired as a keeper at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. From Vancouver I moved to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. There I worked in one of the most successful Cheetah breeding programs in the country. I am currently a Senior Keeper at the Safari Park and have worked with carnivores, neonates and ungulates during my 5 years here.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to put my passion to work through the activities of AAZK. Since my election onto the board in 2008 I have worked to organize and run several fundraising events, most notably our annual bowling event. I regularly contribute to The Keeper with articles relating to our chapter and have represented AAZK San Diego to the media. I have attended almost every meeting and participate in every event possible!

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