I moved back to San Diego after being gone for 20 years and started working at Sea World.  After raising 4 children I decided it was time to get back into the game and part of that involved becoming a member of AAZK.  So 3 years ago I became our chapters Conservation Partner.

I currently am a Senior Penguin Keeper at Sea World caring for all 7 species of penguins at the park. One of my most fulfilling duties has been the ability to be involved in rescue team. For the last 3 years I have also been apart of SeaWorld’s conservation Team. When time allows me, I volunteer at the California Wolf Center.

After attending the 2013 National AAZK Conference I came back with the understanding that we, as zoo keepers play one of the biggest roles in educating the public on the topic of conservation.  So I started a website that could connect individuals locally and globally to conservation projects.  The site is always being updated and anyone can recommend projects that they are passionate about.

I have also had the ability to participate in The International Congress of Zoo Keepers, connecting with keepers worldwide on various issues of conservation.

This year I am planning various conservation projects where we will be able to volunteer, so I encourage everyone to keep checking the website, sign up and come enjoy a day of helping out your local community and meet other keepers for some of the other parks.