San Diego AAZK is proud to support Wildlife SOS as a conservation partner.

Wildlife SOS was established in 1995 and is a non-profit charity dedicated to protection, conservation, and research of India’s wildlife, habitats, and local communities.  Predominantly known for their intensive work to save the dancing sloth bears, they are also active with projects for leopards, elephants, reptiles, and many other animal species in India.

Wildlife SOS has rescued more than 600 Dancing Bears from the streets of India and is actively involved in employment training for local communities to transition the culture away from a dependency on these animals.  As part of their rescue efforts, Wildlife SOS has established four rescue centers in India to house the rescued bears.

For elephants, Wildlife SOS offers medical services for sick and injured elephants while also starting an elephant sanctuary to help rescue working elephants from the streets of India.

Wildlife SOS contributes to reptile protection in India by operating the only reptile rescue services in the country.  Wildlife SOS receives over 300 calls a month to help with reptiles captured by snake charmers or the illegal pet trade.

In 2007, Wildlife SOS partnered with the Indian Government to expand the Leopard Rescue Center in order to provide proper captive care and housing to rescued leopards currently living at the center, and future residents.

Wildlife SOS works to help all wildlife in India and has programs to assist birds, dugongs, monkeys, and whatever other wildlife is in need of assistance and protection.

Wildlife SOS is “Working to Save India’s Wildlife” for more information on their efforts please visit their website at or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Join us on April 5th to learn more about this amazing organization. Click here to learn details.