Although we are all practicing social distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t get together!

Here are the upcoming scheduled events. And there will be more.

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July 16, Sunday: AAZK San Diego Monthly Meeting

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Celebrate National Zoo Keeper Week with events throughout the week!

Monday, July 20th 5:30pm Working Dogs for Conservation with Kayla Fratt, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Join Working Dogs for Conservation for a conversation on training high-energy rescue dogs to aid in conservation. WD4C’s team of ball-crazy dogs use their noses to sniff out wildlife contraband, invasive species, and the scat of endangered species. The dogs and their handlers help researchers non-invasive gather data on health, movement, and diet of cryptic species ranging from snow leopards to bumblebees. They also assist in anti-poaching and anti-trafficking efforts and are integral to early detection in the spread of invasive species. Join for a discussion on selection and training of the dogs as well as their impacts on conservation goals worldwide.

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Tuesday, July 21st 6:00pm Virtual Social

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Wednesday, July 22nd 4:00-5:00pm Aspiring Zoo Keeper Virtual Workshop
5:30-7:00pm Aspiring Zoo Keeper Virtual Round Table

Thursday, July 23rd Diversity in Animal Care Virtual Round Table

Friday, July 24th 5:00pm Global Conservation Force Anti-Poaching Program

Anti Poaching, Wildlife Trafficking, and Community Based Conservation Efforts –
This presentation will cover all avenues GCF currently tackles to ensure they setup and maintain successful wildlife protection and conservation efforts.

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